Spot a Bad Web Developer

At least each alternative month we have a tendency to hear from a possible new shopper that has fallen victim to AN unqualified internet developer. It’s very heart racking to listen to their stories and that they all have one common thread: they took the developer at their word and did not check their background and references. i actually struggle once individuals place their religion in somebody and find yourself losing time, effort and cash. usually once several weeks they need very little or nothing to point out for it. generally they need one thing to point out however it’s thus broken and ugly that it’s not value posting. whereas the bulk of internet developers area unit moral and qualified, here area unit the 5 warning signs I share with everybody that wishes to grasp if they need picked an internet developer which will deliver on their guarantees.

#1. The developer doesn’t have an internet site. i do know this thusunds ridiculous however several so known as internet developers don’t have an internet site. No website? No rent.

#2. they need an internet site however it’s ugly and out of date. If they will’t gift a solid style for his or her own business however can they represent yours? Is it filled with typos, missing pictures or might it win a prize within the ugliest dog contest? Ugly site? Don’t rent them.

#3. They can’t give any testimonials, references, or samples of work they need done. Testimonials and references area unit an excellent thanks to see what alternative professionals rely on their work. they must even have samples of their work either on their web site or be ready to give links for you. No testimonials, references or examples? Don’t rent them.

#4. they require over five hundredth of the complete value to start out the project. It’s commonplace follow to provoke five hundredth payment up front with the balance due at launch. If they require additional, consider regarding hiring them.

#5. there’s no contract and everything is verbal. A contract protects you and therefore the developer. a decent contract outlines responsibilities, delivery timeline and therefore the specific deliverables. No contract? No thanks.

I’d like to see fewer shoppers returning in to our offices that are taken advantage of. positive we are able to rescue them and appearance like heroes, however it very doesn’t replicate well on our trade as a full.


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