SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses area unit betting on the web for purchasers currently quite ever, which trend is doing nothing however increasing. As I recently detected in an exceedingly Google Partner event we have a tendency to hosted: “we not GO on-line; we have a tendency to LIVE online.” merely place, obtaining enough new leads for your tiny business needs a decent internet presence, which ought to begin with SEO (being visible in organic search results).

The tips you usually browse in these varieties of articles area unit the essential stuff: title tags, smart content, smart page structure, etc., and people area unit undoubtedly things that ought to be so as on your web site. However, there are things that nearly each competitive business is doing (including your competitors), and currently, it’s taking quite that to maneuver the proverbial needle. to extend your visibility and program share in your market, you have got to try to to a lot of.
Correct, Consistent, & Optimized Directory Listings

A good internet presence doesn’t simply mean a rakish web site that ranks extremely in search. Do a Google search in your market and appearance at the results – I bet you see quite simply your competitors there. as an example, I simply did an enquiry for “knoxville dentists,” and except for native tooth doctor websites, I conjointly see YellowPages.com and HealthGrades.com within the search results.

So if you’re a tooth doctor in urban center, not solely can you wish your web site to seem within the Maps listings at the highest of the search results and within the organic results below that, you’ll conjointly need to seem on telephone book and Health Grades to really maximize your visibility.

I’ll admit that this portion of SEO accustomed be the nemesis of my existence – attending to all the necessary directory sites, claiming a list, filling out the profile info, uploading photos, and on to consequent. Now, we have a tendency to use a tool known as Yext Powerlistings, and it’s created my work life abundant, abundant easier. All of our purchasers get the premium package as a part of their monthly SEO program; but, a number of the lower-priced packages are a decent price.

That being aforementioned, Yext solely covers the main national directories. you ought to conjointly see what niche directories area unit most visible/important in your market and obtain listed on these, too. each trade incorporates a few: for dentists and doctors, it’s Health Grades, for lawyers it’s Avvo. simply do a google search in your market like I did higher than and see who’s listed on the primary page of Google’s search results.

Get Reviews

The best thanks to build trust among potential purchasers on-line is to induce glowing reviews from your customers. shoppers trust on-line reviews the maximum amount as they trust a recommendation from a lover. Businesses with positive reviews conjointly look higher and a lot of attractive within the search results because of the celebrities beside or underneath their name in Maps listings and alternative places.

Not solely must you and your workers be inquiring for reviews and feedback a day, it ought to become a district of your selling strategy. i used to be recently at associate degree SEO conference, and Aaron Weiche (a speaker at the conference) had some nice advice: you and/or your workers ought to begin your interaction with purchasers by holding them apprehend that you simply conceive to evoke a review to line the expectation, and evoke the review once the dealing is finished. After that, follow up with them via email and raise once more for feedback and a review.

We use a system for our purchasers known as GetFiveStars for this as a part of our monthly SEO package. This package mechanically emails your client and asks them for feedback. If they leave smart feedback, they’re asked to review you on common review sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp (links to feat a review on these sites area unit provided). If they offer you feedback, you’re notified thus you’ll contact them before they leave you negative reviews on-line.


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