SEO Tactics To Stop Using Immediately

There aren’t any real tricks in SEO – high rankings area unit attained by quality, well-structured websites; not by making an attempt to fool the search engines. making an attempt to fool the search engines with “tricks” and clever vices can earn you a penalty. we’ve got seen, and still see, our justifiable share of spammy SEO tricks and techniques. Most of them, however, aren’t enforced by spammers – they’re getting used by unknowing business homeowners and/or marketers WHO received some unhealthy recommendation from a disciple or from some random web log or net forum. Here area unit five SEO ways to prevent mistreatment now.

SEO ways to prevent mistreatment now
Buying Links

This is so much and wide the foremost common plan of action we tend to stumble upon. i feel the rationale individuals thus usually use it’s as a result of it works … for a minute. however once the search engines acknowledge the unnatural links, they’re going to penalise you for it, or worse, de-index you. simply don’t do it!

Google on paid links

Even big companies aren’t immune
Posting faux Reviews

This one is additional for native businesses. we regularly ran into businesses that have many reviews on Google Places or Yelp whereas their nearest competition has 5. Yeah, those area unit real. Thing is, these reviews don’t even facilitate enough in rankings to warrant the risks – and therefore the penalties for this area unit usually financial. Don’t even trust it!

Fake reviews value the big apple corporations thousands

First and foremost, you must optimize your web site for your guests — the improvement for search engines typically follows inline. Still, we regularly see websites wherever the title, h1, and ALT tags on each page is “[main website keyword]”. Not solely is that this not serving to you (read: keyword cannibalization), it’s creating you look silly to your guests, and it’ll get you fined for being spammy. Don’t do it! every page on your web site ought to be optimized around one keyword and every page ought to have a distinct keyword/phrase that you simply area unit targeting.

Keyword-Stuffing Content
Content is for individuals, not search engines. Write quality content that answers your visitors’ queries – the keywords can happen within the content naturally. Stop writing like this: “Buy Greek deity shoes from America, as a result of we’ve got the most affordable Greek deity shoes of all Greek deity shoes of anyplace else you would possibly notice Greek deity shoes on the Greek deity shoe net.” You look silly to your guests, and search engines can simply see what you’re making an attempt to try and do. Please don’t try this.

Multiple Domains for One Business
Just because you own multiple domains that have your keywords in them, it doesn’t mean you must use them. If you wish to shop for them to stay your competitors from mistreatment them, that’s a decent strategy, however don’t use them to rank in search engines. you may simply confuse search engines and guests on that domain is that the real you, which implies your rankings can suffer.


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