Reasons Your Business Needs a New Website

I meet with several potential purchasers UN agency ar on the fence concerning building a brand new web site. quite few of those purchasers have websites that get an honest deal of traffic and produce in some leads. However, websites have a period of time, and despite the actual fact that the websites still bring traffic and leads, several of those websites ar at the tip of their period of time. ar you thinking it would be time for a brand new web site for your business? scan on to ascertain my prime five reasons your business wants a brand new web site.

Your web site Isn’t Responsive
What is responsive design? A responsive web site displays optimally on all screen sizes – from little smartphones all the thanks to Brobdingnagian desktop monitors. Why is that this an enormous deal? as a result of a lot of and a lot of folks ar browsing the net employing a giant style of devices, and you wish to make sure your web site are often simply viewed no matter screen size. you wish a user UN agency starts on their iPhone, moves to their portable computer, and at last views your website on desktop to own constant ability to simply find the knowledge they have to become your shopper.

Also, having an internet site with responsive style is vital for SEO. Google is prioritizing mobile initial and if your website isn’t mobile friendly, your website risks not spotlight in organic search.

Your web site may be a Pain to Update

If it takes you two hours and a decision to your developer to feature a straightforward page to your website, a brand new web site can quickly get hold of itself. Today’s websites ought to be in associate degree easy-to-use CMS (I like WordPress) wherever adding a brand new page or ever-changing some text is as straightforward as change a Word document. set up on ever-changing out photos on the house page often? Let your developer recognize and that they will produce a straightforward to use appliance for this. Google loves new and recent content on websites – therefore yours ought to be straightforward to update – whether or not with new product and services pages or via a journal.

Things ar Broken

If you have got options on your web site that now not work and you have got no plan a way to fix them (or there merely isn’t any straightforward fix), it’s time to overhaul your website. Technology changes, and typically, these changes break options on your web site which will are newest three years agone. typically plugins that you just used four years agone haven’t been updated in two years and aren’t any longer supported by the version of your web site. Keeping each your CMS and plugins up so far ar key to preventing security problems. superannuated plugins ar one amongst the foremost frequent ways that malware will invade your website. managing security problems perpetually takes your attention aloof from your business and customers.

It now not Suits Your Business

Maybe the web site appearance and feels superannuated. perhaps you have got modified your company colours and/or brand. perhaps your competition simply overhauled their web site. perhaps it simply doesn’t represent your company well any longer There ar several reasons an internet site may now not fit your business. now’s the time to make the web site that your business wants.


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